by Kenny Mitchell

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released June 27, 2015

Composed, recorded, engineered and produced by Kenny Mitchell

Kenny Mitchell : All Instruments.



all rights reserved


Kenny Mitchell UK

North East of England based Guitarist/Keyboard player.

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Track Name: The Ossian Deception
The so-called bard of ancient epic verse,
Took public and literati down a road perverse.
Presented as the Holy Grail of Gaelic poetry,
Accepted wholesale as a work of ingenuity.
This Celtic Classicism to rival Homer,
Ultimately proved a shameful misnomer
Its influence spread throughout Europe,
Through music and art it grew in scope,

Until it took on dark and sinister properties,
In the hands of some extreme philosophies.
Perhaps it is fitting that the deceit should return,
And from it something evil was born.

Ossian’s old tales are now mostly forgotten,
And the place in Poets’ Corner, ill-gotten,
Though bought and paid for by the recycler himself,
His titles lie covered with dust on the shelf

On the long drive north, I take a break at Birnam,
And walk through the woods of Macbeth fame.
In a clearing before me is a rustic folly,
Moss-covered and strewn with holly.
With a sodden dank atmosphere.
I hear a rumbling roar from the rear.
The aged wooden door invites me in,
To a darkness the colour of sin.
Through a channel towards the light,
And a deafening noise at its height,
From the River Braan in spate,
That the Black Linn waterfall did create.
Somehow, amidst this aqueous clamour,
I was touched in a gentle manner,
By a hand on my shoulder,
As the air grew colder.
Turning, I dimly focused on a shadowy figure,
Singing in what seemed no more than a whisper.
I approached ever closer in order to hear,
He who looked like a priest or a seer.
And surprised myself by my sense of calm,
As I listened intently to his psalm.

‘Once my words were remembered and revered,
Then sorely abused and hence disappeared.
The burden falls to thee to make the truth known,
Or else happiness thou will ne’er own’.

In the time it took me to comprehend,
The strange seer was no more again.
The legendary poet was not an act of deception,
And his words neither sham, nor invention.

So hear my plea, for some peace of mind,
In your heart I hope you can find,
A way to believe that my story is true,
And that accursed waterfall I pray you eschew.